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Click on your reference number (these become useful the day after the packages are picked by the carrier and they are sorted in ascending order): 

JC6000  JC6001  JC6002  JC6003  JC6004  JC6005  JC6006  JC6007  JC6008  JC6009  JC6010  JC6011  JC6012  JC6013  JC6014  JC6015  JC6016  JC6017  JC6018  JC6019  JC6020  JC6021  JC6022  JC6023  JC6024  JC6025  JC6026  JC6027  JC6028  JC6029  JC6030  JC6031  JC6032  JC6033  JC6034  JC6035  JC6036  JC6037  JC6038  JC6039  JC6040  JC6041  JC6042  JC6043  JC6044  JC6045  JC6046  JC6047  JC6048  JC6049  JC6050  JC6051  JC6052  JC6053  JC6054  JC6055  JC6056  JC6057  JC6058  JC6059  JC6060  JC6061  JC6062  JC6063  JC6064  JC6066  JC6067  JC6068  JC6069  JC6070  JC6071  JC6072  JC6073  JC6074  JC6075  JC6076  JC6077  JC6078  JC6079  JC6080  JC6081  JC6082  JC6083  JC6084  JC6085  JC6086  JC6087  JC6088  JC6089  JC6090  JC6091  JC6092  JC6093  JC6094  JC6095  JC6096  JC6097  JC6098  JC6099   

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We maintain tracking information online for about 90 days after shipment. For packages outside of this window of time, please e-mail us with the reference number and date of shipment. Shipments are subject to published terms. You are authorized to use these tracking systems solely to track shipments tendered by or for you to the carriers. Any other use of Jensen's Mail & Copy or carrier tracking systems and information is strictly prohibited.

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