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Click on your reference number (these become useful the day after the packages are picked by the carrier and they are sorted in ascending order): 

JC6700  JC6701  JC6702  JC6703  JC6704  JC6705  JC6706  JC6707  JC6708  JC6709  JC6710  JC6711  JC6712  JC6713  JC6714  JC6715  JC6716  JC6717  JC6718  JC6719  JC6720  JC6721  JC6722  JC6723  JC6724  JC6725  JC6726  JC6727  JC6728  JC6729  JC6730  JC6731  JC6732  JC6733  JC6734  JC6735  JC6736  JC6737  JC6738  JC6739  JC6740  JC6741  JC6742  JC6743  JC6744  JC6745  JC6746  JC6747  JC6748  JC6749  JC6750  JC6751  JC6752  JC6753  JC6754  JC6755  JC6756  JC6757  JC6758  JC6759  JC6760  JC6761  JC6762  JC6763  JC6764  JC6765  JC6766  JC6767  JC6768  JC6769  JC6770  JC6771  JC6772  JC6773  JC6774  JC6775  JC6776  JC6777  JC6778  JC6779  JC6780  JC6781  JC6782  JC6783  JC6784  JC6785  JC6786  JC6787  JC6788  JC6789  JC6790  JC6791  JC6792  JC6793  JC6794  JC6795  JC6796  JC6797  JC6798  JC6799   

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We maintain tracking information online for about 90 days after shipment. For packages outside of this window of time, please e-mail us with the reference number and date of shipment. Shipments are subject to published terms. You are authorized to use these tracking systems solely to track shipments tendered by or for you to the carriers. Any other use of Jensen's Mail & Copy or carrier tracking systems and information is strictly prohibited.

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