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Claim Form for Delayed, Lost or Damaged Shipment

You've shipped things often, and never had a problem. Now the worst has happened. Your precious items were damaged in shipment. Or maybe they've been lost completely! What do you do now? If you shipped through our store, don't panic. We'll help you through the process of filing a claim with the carrier.

In the case of damage, the first and most important thing to remember is do not discard any of the packaging! The carrier will need to inspect the packaging before considering the claim at all. All the packaging, as well as all the items (whether damaged or not) inside, need to be kept until we tell you otherwise.

Second, and also very important, please do not contact the carrier about the problem. That's our job. We have the experience and the contacts to quickly handle the problem. If you contact the carrier, it will confuse things and slow down the whole process. That said, it is important that you contact us right away if something is lost or damaged. Here's a form (editable/printable in Microsoft Word or printable in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format) that will help you gather the information we'll need to process the claim on your behalf.

While we're waiting for the carrier to examine the damaged items and packaging (or if the package was completely lost), begin to gather the documents necessary to prove the value of your claim. The best documentation is sales receipts for items recently purchased. If receipts are not available, a canceled check or credit card statement will satisfy the requirement. If the items were not recently purchased, write a personal statement that includes a description of the item, where and when it was bought or otherwise acquired, and the amount paid.

Bring the collected documents proving value to the store. We will submit a claim to the carrier. Assuming the claim is paid, it may take a four to six weeks to receive payment for the claim. Then you'll receive your check (or if you charged your shipment, a credit).

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