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Printing from E-Mail (or disk)

Sending something via e-mail (or bringing it on disk) for us to print? No problem. We can help with that!

We can print your documents when you e-mail them to us (preferred) or bring them in on a flash drive, a CD or a 3.5" floppy disk. (We use Windows, so if you use a Mac, please save them in a compatible format.)

We can print all common graphics formats (.tif, .jpg, .gif, etc.), Adobe's Portable Document Format (.pdf) and standard Microsoft Office application formats (.doc, .xls, .ppt, .pub, and the newer versions of those with an x at the end). Have a format you're not sure about? Just send us a sample and we'll let you know.

One possible issue is fonts. For example, if you send us a Microsoft Word document and you used one or more fonts that we don't have, it won't look like you intended. You could just use basic fonts (such as Arial, Times New Roman, etc.). But sometimes you want the special look of a particular font. For that, the best printing results are when you convert it to a print-quality ".pdf" file. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat (software that creates .pdf files -- but you have to pay to use it), here's a link to a free utility ("Cute PDF") that you can download that creates suitable ".pdf" files.

Unless you request one or more options, we will print according to these standards:

Standard Options
Single copy Multiple copies
Full color (if document uses color; otherwise black and white) Black and white
Extra heavy (28#), extra bright white paper We have many choices of colored paper (it is probably best for you to pick one in person) and we also stock several colors of card stock (extra charges apply)
Single sided Double sided (same price as single sided, i.e., both sides count as a printed page)
No staple Staple at top left corner (no extra charge if specified before printing), staple in middle of page to create a booklet (extra charges may apply and layout must be correct)
No 3-hole punch 3-hole punch at left-hand margin of letter-size paper (no extra charge if specified before printing)
No binding Comb binding...we also have clips of various capacities (extra charges apply)
Next day Same day if available...for fastest service on e-mailed orders, include the word PRINT in the subject line.

There is a per-printed-page charge and a service charge. For example, a document of 18 pages printed from e-mail in black and white would be (18 x $0.20) + $1.95 + tax = $6.40. While these prices assume "print-ready documents," we can also do graphic design or editing work. Tell our designer about your job and we'll be happy to give you an estimate for cost and time.

Document type Per-printed-page
Black & white, 8.5"x11" $0.20 ($0.10 if 501 or more pages)
Color, 8.5"x11" $0.75 ($0.39 if 501 or more pages)
Black & white, 8.5"x14" or 11"x17" $0.30 ($0.15 if 501 or more pages)
Color, 8.5"x14" or 11"x17" $0.95 ($0.45 if 501 or more pages)
Service: From e-mail (preferred): $1.95. From CD, floppy disk or dongle: $2.95.

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No problem, we can help with that!

Contact us at 415-282-2100 or info@jensens-sf.com with any questions or visit us in the Diamond Heights Safeway Shopping Center.
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