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Shipping Tips, Terms & Conditions

Packing Pointers

  1. Consider declaring a value for your shipment. Unless another value is declared in writing on our RED DECLARED VALUE FORM and paid for in advance of shipment, each parcel shall be deemed to have a maximum value of $100 if carried by DHL, FedEx or UPS, and $0 if sent via US Mail. In no event shall Jensen's Mail & Copy or the carrier be liable for any consequential, incidental or special damages which may arise from loss, damage, non-delivery, or delayed delivery. This limitation shall apply to, but not be limited to, damages for loss of profit or income. In the event of loss or damage of any article, the liability shall be limited to the lesser of (a) the actual cash value of the article or (b) the amount necessary to repair or replace the article, or (c) the amount you declared in writing on our RED FORM at the time of shipment. If you are concerned about damage to the package, don't skimp on the packing (double-boxing is wise; consider air vs. ground services, etc.) and alert the recipient to inspect the package for damage upon receipt. If the recipient accepts the package without noting any damage in the delivery record, a claim will be considerably more difficult. If there is any damage, make sure the recipient saves all the packing for potential inspection by the carrier. Make sure you require a direct signature for valuable shipments. It doesn’t make sense to declare a value of $1,000 (and pay for that) and then let the carrier leave it unattended on a residential doorstep! If you did declare a value for your package, please refer to the RED FORM we gave you for additional information.
  2. Do you want to require a signature? There are two basic options for delivery: 1) send it signature required and 2) send it with a signature release (no signature required). This is particularly important for deliveries to homes (less so for businesses as there is typically someone there to receive the package). The default on all shipments for DHL, FedEx and UPS now is to leave it at a home WITHOUT a signature if nobody is home. (If it is obviously unsafe they may not leave it, but don’t count on that.) If you want to require a signature (which involves a small fee) or you definitely want to instruct the courier to leave the package without a signature, make sure you tell us when you ship it. (Tip: Consider shipping to your recipient's place of employment.) Claims for loss after no-signature-required delivery are rarely successful.
  3. You might be surprised what can be hazardous or inappropriate to ship. You definitely don't want a government agent looking for you after a plane crash caused by a flammable shipment! Also, you don't want to find out the hard way that claims can't be placed for shipped cash or the cremated remains of your father. So, if we're not packing it, or it isn't obvious what we are packing, make sure you tell us accurately and completely what you are shipping. Any item received for packing and/or shipping may be opened by Jensen's Mail & Copy or the carrier for inspection. Jensen's can't accept articles for shipping that are of a hazardous nature, are illegal to ship, are prohibited by the carrier, are dangerous or are restricted (HIPDR). Intentionally false declarations about what is in a package you are shipping will result in forfeiture of packing/shipping-related charges as well as the HIPDR contents and may also result in severe penalties including fines and jail time.
  4. Packing for safe common carrier shipping is complicated and -- for some things -- even impossible. You accept full responsibility for damage to any article you pack. If you're going to pack yourself, make sure you determine the proper specifications for safely shipping the contents prior to packing. No matter how they are packed, some things are not safe to ship via common carrier. For example, claims may be denied for damage to sheet glass. Jensen's Mail & Copy will not assume liability in these cases. We have years of expertise and AMPC-Certified packing specialists on staff to make sure that the things we pack are packed to carrier standards. Ask us!
  5. Packages are delivered to an address, not a person. When you give us an address, you warrant that it is complete and accurate, and you agree to hold Jensen's Mail & Copy and the carrier harmless for packages that are lost or incorrectly delivered because of an inaccurate address. If the carrier is required to correct the address or deliver to another address, you agree to pay reasonable fees associated with this additional service. Address correction charges may also apply to any DHL, FedEx or UPS shipment sent to a PO Box (so bring a street address as well if you can). Address corrections may result in delivery delays that neither Jensen's Mail & Copy nor the carrier can be responsible for. An extra address inside the box is a wise precaution.
  6. The choices you make at time of shipment will impact what is possible later. For example, in the case of items shipped via US Mail, be aware that claims or tracing is impossible without the purchase of appropriate services at the time of shipment.
  7. If you realize a package may be lost or delayed, contact us right away. Before requesting that we trace an undelivered package, please verify non-receipt with the party to which you shipped the package. While it is rare, sometimes packages are delivered without a final delivery scan. In any case, all tracing with the carriers is to be done by Jensen's Mail & Copy. In the event of parcel loss or damage, Jensen's Mail & Copy will process a claim if all of the following steps are taken by either the customer or the recipient:

a. Notation of obvious damage on the carrier's delivery document (digital photos work great)
b. Retention of all cartons and packing materials by recipient (tip: if the carrier does want to do an inspection, insist that it be an onsite inspection…they sometimes want to take it somewhere to inspect and, in the experience of many shippers, that can result in additional damage or the misplacement of the item)
c. Notification to Jensen's Mail & Copy within 48 hours of knowledge of the loss or damage
d. Cooperation with Jensen's Mail & Copy instructions for processing the claim (hint: use the form at www.jensens-sf.com/lost.htm to gather the necessary information)
e. Establish the actual cash value by furnishing Jensen's Mail & Copy with an original invoice, receipt or appraisal which is not more than one year old (tip: the amount declared by customer at the time of shipment is not an acceptable proof of value).

  1. Returned or abandoned items can be held for ten days. Carriers will not reroute or dispose of undeliverable shipments at no cost if the undeliverable shipment is not related to a service failure. Undeliverable shipments will be returned to us at your expense. Jensen's Mail & Copy will release any return shipment when you reimburse us for the applicable return shipment fees. Jensen's Mail & Copy will attempt to notify you (the shipper) at the phone number you provided at time of shipment as soon as we become aware of the return of a package you shipped. Undeliverable packages (or items otherwise abandoned) must be collected by customer or reshipped (at additional charge) within ten days of notification that package is in our possession. Although our storage space is very limited, for a small daily fee we can store your package longer than the complimentary ten days, but this must be arranged before the initial ten days are up. Packages that are left more than ten days after receipt or otherwise abandoned will be presumed abandoned and will be destroyed.
  2. Delivery times and dates are estimates based on information provided by carrier. Jensen's Mail & Copy will not be liable for failure of carrier to deliver according to their "ground" shipping estimates. Only shipping charges are refundable on "guaranteed" domestic "air" shipments. Jensen's Mail & Copy shall not be liable should carrier refuse refunds. The most common reason for a carrier not refunding a package with a guaranteed date/time of delivery is inclement weather.
  3. The carriers all bind you to their published agreements when they accept your package for shipment. When you arrange shipment of a package with any of the private carriers (DHL, FedEx, or UPS), you are agreeing to the terms of their waybills and tariffs which are available from them upon request. When you ship with the US Postal Service, their rules apply. Neither Jensen's Mail & Copy nor anyone else can change the terms of these agreements.
  4. We'll keep updating this as conditions warrant...check back often. Jensen's Mail & Copy reserves the right to add, revise, or subtract from these tips, terms and conditions. This is version K. The most current version of this information is online at www.jensens-sf.com/terms.htm.

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