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This page provides tracking for DHL, FedEx, UPS, and US Mail by Jensen's reference number. (Jensen's reference numbers begin with "J".) These are updated by 9:15am the business day AFTER the carrier picks up the package. We maintain reference number information online for about 90 days after shipment. For packages outside of this window of time, please e-mail us with the reference number and date of shipment. Shipments are subject to published terms.

Track apackage by Jensen's reference number.

FedEx (Blue sheet):   JC51xx | JC52xx | JC53xx | JC54xx | JC55xx | JC56xx

DHL (Yellow sheet):   JDHL51xx | JDHL52xx

US Postal Service (Gray sheet):   JPS96xx | JPS97xx | JPS98xx | JPS99xx
JPM10xx | JPM11xx

UPS (Brown sheet):   JMCU80xx | JMCU81xx

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